This salon is amazing! I was greeted by the staff as soon as I walked into the establishment with coffee, water or tea. While waiting for my lovely hair stylist ERIK I charged my iPhone in the charging station by the window bench. Tbh I wasn’t waiting long enough to charge for very long which is a surprise as typically hairstylist overbook and you end up waiting an hour which is exhausting.

I came to Erik for sun-kissed beach hair. I wanted a blended, natural-looking ombré and he did just that. As you may or may not know, if you have dark hair it takes time in order to go as blonde as I aspire to have it. This was our second session and I am absolutely happy with the outcome.

The salon staff is friendly, clean, with plenty of parking and I  would recommend anyone to visit. They offer waxing as well from Nashla who is also amazing and talented.