• This salon is amazing! I was greeted by the staff as soon as I walked into the establishment with coffee, water or tea. While waiting for my lovely hair stylist ERIK I charged my iPhone in the charging station by the window bench. Tbh I wasn't waiting long enough to charge for very long which is a surprise as typically hairstylist overbook and you end up waiting an hour which is exhausting. I came to Erik for sun-kissed beach hair. I wanted a blended, natural-looking ombré and he did just that. As you may or may not know, if you have dark hair it takes time in order to go as blonde as I aspire to have it. This was our second session and I am absolutely happy with the outcome. The salon staff is friendly, clean, with plenty of parking and I  would recommend anyone to visit. They offer waxing as well from Nashla who is also amazing and talented.
  • Had hair cut, color, and style with Anya and am so happy with the results.  Anya was on time and just exudes positive energy.  She was full of knowledge and had great advice on what would work with my face shape, skin color, and lifestyle.   She takes pride in her work and it shows.  I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.
  • ZZ is amazing! I got her instagram (@zzshim) from the posts on this Yelp page and messaged her. Got a response within a day and was able to set up an appointment. I wanted to dye my hair silver from black so it would take a long time but ZZ made sure I was comfortable the whole time, and she was fun to talk to, and my hair ended up being AMAZING. Lots of compliments from people and I feel like a superhero!
  • This salon is the best in the area, Marianna did an amazing job on my hair I absolutely love it! I highly recommend this Salon to all my friends and family, I definitely found my new salon, go try them out for yourself!
    Nicki C.
  • I've been getting regular haircuts and updos for special occaisons @ Chateau Beauty Salon for about 6 years now. I always leave the salon completely satisfied with the service and my haircut. The stylists really value a customers time and will do their best not to keep you waiting. I've had my hair done by both Anna & Marianna, and they're excellent! They're such sweet girls who listen to your every word and as a result, you end up looking great
  • Eli is a miracle worker!!!! Super conscientious about his work. I loved how thorough and careful he was and didn't rush even tho my messed up hair needed a lot of attention. If ur hair color is messed up from a botched coloring session, u need the help of Eli's salon magic!! I am soooooooo happy w my balayage hair n I get so many compliments on it now!
  • Getting a Healing Haircut at Chateau Salon, was the best thing I could have done! After going through tons of life changes and feeling the loss of a loved one, I needed to find peace again. I didn't know what to expect but quickly felt comfortable when I walked into the salon on an early Saturday morning. I was greeted by meditative music and the smell of burning Palo Santo lingering in the air. I immediately felt like I was where I needed to be. That day especially, I was feeling particularly out of sorts. Mariana talked me through the process and explained that most of the magic would happen at the shampoo bowl. And oh my gosh...was she right! I laid back and succumbed to the experience with a very open mind and right as I visualized what I wanted to release from myself...she turned on the water. The sound of the running water over my head was like a shower from the Universe rinsing me of my pain! It was truly so therapeutic. We spent quite a bit of time at at the shampoo bowl while she massaged my scalp and worked on pulling my pain and struggles to the tips of my hair, which we would then cut off -- freeing me from my internal emotional chains. It was like a lot like a guided meditation at some points (but way better). I could actually feel heavy painful energy being pulled from my heart! When we got to the chair, we started talking through the experience and she offered very insightful feedback. She is such a healer!! And, so in tune with energy. As she starting cutting my hair, tears of joy ran down my face and I felt like I was looking at a new me in the mirror. The weeks following my haircut have been amazing in so many ways too. My hair is silkier than it's been in years and full of life. My energy has been surging which has helped me conquer daily tasks and work in general and also helped me get to the gym more often (and actually enjoy it). Everything is just, lighter. I highly recommend this experience and will personally be doing this consistently throughout the year! Thank you Mariana and Melissa at Chateau Salon for encouraging me to have this wonderful unique and hard to explain experience :) I'll be back!
  • I have been a customer at Chateau Beauty Salon since the first day it opened. Marianna has been my hair stylist even before she opened the salon. She is AMAZING! Very professional, friendly, and gives you a style that works with your look. I'm always satisfied with her work and get compliments all the time, even from strangers. I travel often and been to Salons all over the US and nothing beats Chateau.The Salon has gone above and beyond to master great cuts, styling, color, extensions, customer service, clean environment and very reasonable prices. I recommend this Salon to Everyone who hasn't been and is looking for the BEST! # 1 Service # 1 Staff # 1 Satisfaction Thank You!!!  
  • Recently got a BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT by Valerie and my hair looks AMAZING!!! She is the best and always does her best to accommodate my schedule. Love the atmosphere too, all the girls are so friendly :)
    K S.
  • FABuLoUs place. Charming salon and talented stylists. My husband and daughter are now both big fans too. Owner Marianna does amazing color & Edith very talented too. You won't be disappointed!
    Chris D.


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